Founded in 2011, VKS Fabrication was built with two ideas in mind; to produce products built to the highest standard for the off-road industry and to build everything start to finish under one roof in our 10,000 SF shop in Fresno, CA, USA.

Although the VKS name originated in 2011, the owner’s roots run deep in the automotive/industrial industry having been in the business for over 30 years. Being able to produce parts from inception to conclusion under one roof gives us the capability to meet demand for our product without compromising quality. This leads to an industry leading turn-around time not seen in other companies.

VKS Fabrication is owned and operated by David Vick and his father, Dale Vick. As you can tell we are a family owned business. The family’s roots run deep in the off-road world and lifestyle. Dale’s first ride was a 1965 Jeep CJ5. He traversed every 4wd trail in the Central Valley for over three decades in that Jeep. Thirty years later David was given the opportunity to have the same CJ5 passed on to him. David definitely inherited the love for the trail from his Dad. Over the years a many Jeeps came and went but one thing remained constant, the love for the trail.

This brings us to 2010 when David purchased a brand new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. At that time the after-market industry for the JK’s was strong but David felt it was lacking something; function and affordability. He knew he could do better. And being the perfectionist he is, he proceeded to rebuild his Jeep with handmade parts. He received so much interest online that he started building to order.

It started as somewhat of a side project with only forum advertisement and sales as well as local Jeeper support and has grown into what it is today.

We stand behind what we build, we take pride in what we build, and we use what we build. We owe it all to the loyal customers that test our parts all over the world on a daily basis. So if you’re looking for a product that is built to the highest possible standards, one at a time and in the USA using American made steel then look no further than VKS Fabrication.